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Facilitating insights that lead to results!

InnerActive Leadership Associates  is the home of the research based, results focused High Performance Team Coaching System  and 5 Building Blocks of High Performance Relationships system that underlie the leadership, team, and relationship coaching and development work we do.

Time for a team or leadership tune-up?

50tips_mini_bookOur two action oriented, research-based team books will hptc_mini_bookprovide you with proven strategies to help you reach your team and leadership goals and get results. 
Whether you are part of a senior leadership team, a functional team like finance or HR, or a project team, these books help you reduce the pain and cost of trial and error teamwork. You will be able to quickly implement practical, and proven actions that generate real results!

Available at FriesenPress, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers

50 Tips For Terrific Teams

High Performance Team Coaching

Looking for an honest, direct, and strategic partner to help you get to the core levers for success in your situation?

Would you like to develop a stronger leadership brand  for you and/or
your team?

Do you know what your stakeholders need you to step up to in the future?

What would your company be like if you and your colleagues were more engaged?

No matter what your leadership goals are, we help you benchmark where you are today, set goals for where you want to be and put the structures, behaviours and mindset in place to get you to your ideal future. We collaborate with you to reach a higher level of performance and effectiveness through:

Executive and Leadership Coaching // High Performance Team Development // Leadership, Self, and 360 Assessments
Meeting and Workshop Facilitation // Leadership Development Strategy